Who We Are

Who We Are

Researchers Who Want Your Story To Be The #1 Best Seller


AnswerQuest is an energetic marketing research company specializing in the combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative, customized research methods. Our unique approach creates the best means of uncovering the consumer insights needed to shape your story. Using a combination of traditional, unconventional and proprietary methods we dig deep into the mindsets of consumers to get at the core issues that drive behavior.

Key in LockOur data collection is second to none, perhaps because we understand its impact. The story can't be complete without relevant characters. Our experience with R&D, product development, design, and innovation teams offer us a competitive edge over traditional field agencies.

This edge allows us to help you tell your story in the most relevant, attention-grabbing way possible—to truly connect with your audience. Detailed, well-planned, and precisely executed work is required to bring out a consumer's deepest and truest thoughts, opinions and preferences. Because how the story unfolds, and that's what can turns businesses around.

Our Experience

Our recruiters are invested and involved which means you're going to connect with the exact audience you need. Our sensory, interviewers, moderators and host staff know exactly what the objectives of our research are and achieve them. From studios to viewing rooms, to lounges, our facilities are spacious and inviting and equipped with the best of today's technologies to facilitate your projects.

Our expertise, research teams and resources extend far beyond our Boston facilities. We have extensive reach, both domestic and international. Our facility partners For any project we can call on the help of more than two-dozen partners around the country specially trained in our processes to ensure solid results. No matter where you or your consumers are, we can help.

If you happen to need marketing research in the following areas, you'll be interested to know of our extensive experience in these segments. But if you're in a different market or industry, don't let that stop you from contacting us. We are committed to shaping stories of all genres.

AnswerQuest has extensive experience in:
Food and beverage