Who We Are

Executive Team

Jason R. Miller
Chief Executive Officer


With a passion for developing strong relationships both inside and outside the firm, Jason takes AnswerQuest to new heights. Jason brings with him almost 20 years of success in research and field management. Using his innate creativity, perception, and foresight, Jason provides his team with the direction they need to develop innovative, effective, and insightful methods in data collection and field management.

Because of his ability to navigate through the myriad of avenues in the research profession, and his understanding of the interrelationships between those avenues, Jason has been able to build a powerful network of research professionals with whom he regularly collaborates.

Jason's experience with both qualitative and quantitative data collection, as well as his outstanding success in international field management, gives him the global reach necessary to make AnswerQuest a contender in the international marketplace. His familiarity with database building and maintenance has proven invaluable in streamlining AnswerQuest's Power Panels™ and offering clients even more options for connecting intimately with their customers. Jason is skilled at combining different research methods and employing them with great success, assisting his clients in making the decisions that drive growth and change.

Jason's Story

Because of his outstanding work ethic and success in management, Jason was quickly promoted to Vice President of Performance Plus in Boston. His innovation and efficiency skills offered that company the ability to triple the volume of work produced yearly, and Jason's core team maintained that level performance for over a decade. His ability to understand the needs of his clients, coupled with his knowledge of the industry, makes Jason a formidable partner in any venture.

Jason has long been an industry leader, serving on multiple boards of directors simultaneously. Currently he is serving on the Marketing Research Association's Review Board as a Qualitative Subject Matter Expert, overseeing education for conferences and webinars. In addition, he was the only non-owner to serve on GroupNet's board of directors holding a Director at Large seat during the 2007-2009 term. Simultaneously, Jason also served as GroupNet's Events Chair with responsibility for the bulk of their marketing efforts.

Also an active member of AMA, PMRG, PBIRG, CASRO, and ESOMAR and various other research organizations, Jason has his pulse on the state of the profession and is keenly aware of the challenges inherent in today's global research environment. An accomplished public speaker, Jason has often been asked to sit in on panel discussions regarding technology, forecasting and quality.

Focusing on client relationships, corporate processes and globalization of the firm, Jason is the "face" of the company. He will work to build the corporation's global presence, diversify their offerings, streamline efficiencies and oversee their research efforts from his Boston office.