Who We Are


Spinning Stories Together To Create
A Solid Network


Because our Innovators have been in research most of their lives, we have the strongest network of facilities, recruiters, and implementers available.

We've established preferred partnerships throughout the U.S. in focus facilities and trained them specifically in our proprietary methods. We travel extensively to ensure we are giving them the support they need, and that they are offering us the best value – which we then pass onto you.

So, when you work with AnswerQuest, you know you're working with the best in the profession.

We have built partnerships both in and outside of the research world to offer our clients the breadth of experience they need to take their products to new heights.

Need a consultant? We know one. A Strategist? We have the best around.

And through our partnership with GlobalScope, we have national reach among some of the top facilities in the country.

Our Partners Make Finding Your Story Easier

Through our partnerships, we can negotiate the best rates in the profession, place facilities on hold or find stores in which to work or coordinate ethnographic parameters.

We can investigate sample sources, oversee respondent profiles, manage expectations, provide a communication portal between your client and the field, ensure the accuracy and quality of your respondents, order onsite services such as audio/visual tools, cuisine and transportation services, and provide a precise accounting of fees upon completion.

So sit back, trust us and let us do our thing – all the while knowing your project is in the hands of professionals who have as much at stake as you do.

Know that we get up in the morning, coffee in hand, and your project is the first thing we think about as we power on our computers.

Before we go to sleep, we're checking your profile for accuracy and putting every market into a single email for you to manage more efficiently, or pulling data reports to make sure that all projects in the field are running smoothly.

It's all about relationships. And ours are yours.