We recruit and execute research studies flawlessly

First, we find out what you need to know and, in many cases, help you determine how best to get those answers. Then we work with you to ensure your project is executed flawlessly whether in our location or a partner facility.

Our facility was designed to be flexible and accommodating, convenient for both clients and respondents and sophisticated without breaking the bank. Our database is robust, offering thousands of combinations of criteria from which to select, and our recruiters are second-to-none.

Offering a full focus room with viewing for 12, an IDI room, CLT lab capable of seating 40 at computers simultaneously and a test kitchen with ample refrigeration and freezer space, the facility itself would be enough to convince most clients who need the Boston market. But once they meet our staff, they are enchanted.

From our chef (who oversees every sensory test) to our Project Management team, to our specially trained sensory staff, our clients find themselves surrounded by excellence at every level. As our CEO says: "Once the recruiting is done, we are in the concierge business".

It isn't uncommon to find one of our staff making a Starbucks run, hunting down their favorite ice cream, or providing personal shopping services. We often personally provide complimentary car service to and from the airport. And if you haven't dined at Jason's home yet, you will. And it's a sure bet you'll have homemade souflee when you do.

It's all about service.

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